Kysa Johnson

Balancing a life between motherhood, mother earth and art.

Kysa, mother and Metro-rider, moved to LA a little over a year ago from New York City, so she is a recent Angeleno. She feels like she’s moved to a different country in the best possible of ways. Of course, the weather is different, but the foliage, the variety of nature, new bugs, birds, spiders all add to the wonderful feeling of experiencing something wholly new. Kysa feels that the art scene in Los Angeles is really exciting right now and is proud to be a part of it.


Kysa:  “That tendancy to reflexively oppose people telling me no, relates to me being an artist and specifically being a women artist who is also a mother. In art school they tell you 2% of graduates willl actually go on to be praciticing artists, this statistic made me more determined to be a part of that difficult to be 2%. Once I had gotten to the point where I was showing regularly, had a representative gallery and some museum shows under my belt and was thinking of starting a family people told me, oh if you have kids, certain galleries won’t take you as seriously as they did before, your market value will go down, you wont’ show as much etc, etc. This kind of rhetoric (which I heard from more then one person in the art world, ) just made me more determined to prove them wrong. Within weeks of having both of my children I was working on things with them strapped to me or at my side. Within months I was back in the studio with them in assorted pack-n-plays, jumpy things, or again, strapped to me. I wanted so badly to prove those people wrong.  My opposition has served me well throughout my life. It helped me leave a restrictive, mysoginistic religion as a young teenager. It propels me to try to make more and more large-scale, ambitious work. It lets me not take no at face-value. Sometimes it’s not useful but for the most part it is.”